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The term pivot door refers to a type of door that rotates on a pivot hinge. Rather than hanging from hinges in the frame, a pivot-hung door swings on a set of pins mounted in the top and bottom of the door. Grounded in the principles of modern architecture, a pivot door emphasizes clean lines and simple shapes. Normal doors are operated on butt hinges fixed side on to a frame. By using a pivot hinge you can use a much larger and heavier door. Making a bigger statement in the design of your property frontage or interior rooms.

Pivot doors are mainly custom made with a large choice of materials and sizes available. Below are a few examples of doors on offer. It would be better if you either call us on 01534 281155 or fill in our contact us form for further information and to arrange a site survey. Where we will be able to give you expert advice, delivery times and a written estimate.