Composite or GRP Doors Jersey

Looking for composite doors Jersey? You have found the right company. First of all it is worth mentioning straight away. A composite door is the same thing as a GRP door. Composite or GRP doors are made from fibreglass with a polyurethane core and steel reinforcement. The structure and materials used in this type of doors result in much higher insulating properties. As a result they do not rust, wrap, twist or peel. Similarly this door system is ideal for the climate here in Jersey.
As regards maintaining your composite GRP door. It is possible to paint a composite door. If you wipe down the door surface prior to painting and make sure it is clean, grease and dirt free. You then apply a good quality exterior primer allowing time to dry and then apply one or two coats of weather proof exterior paint. You can use oil based paints as well. Same process, primer paint and once that is dry seal it with a layer of good quality exterior varnish.
When looking to order a new composite or GRP door. We first complete a site survey at the property. It is very important to order a door that will fit perfectly right from the beginning as there is only 10mm room for altering a new GRP or composite door when fitting.-

If your looking for a GRP Door or Composite door in Jersey. Have a look below at a small selection of some of the doors we sell: